Kristian Newton Interview 2015

  • What inspired you to start this project? 
  • ​​How were you hoping to impact the community when you started this project?
  • What makes this different than other animated comics?​​

Phoenix Comicon 2015  
Kore 6 Media's Panel about Comics for the visually impaired. 

  • Meet the Panel 
  • Technology currently available for those with visual impairments
  • How did Kore 6 Media and Comics for the Visually Impaired start? 
  • Stan's Adventure Page one premier
    Meet the writers and artists for Stan's Adventures.

​Kore 6 Media is a publishing company aimed towards making graphic novels available in digital and audio format for the visually impaired.

We are a creative content company; inspired in creating new forms of media for exciting new entertainment options.